Swirl bracelet, light with hook

Swirl bracelet, light with hook

Flattering spiral lightly hugs the wrist for a comfortable fit that can be worn everday. This is a slightly more delicate version of our other popular (No. 128) spiral bracelet.

Item No.127
Size of Design: .8"

CLICK HERE to see this bracelet in girl's sizes.

Note: We can create these wonderful bracelets for any wrist size. These hook style bracelets are easy to keep on. When you put one on a child, gently push down on the design area so that it is lower than the hook before closing. Then it will not spring open easily, and will usually take two hands to open. Jewelry is recommended for ages 3 and under without very close supervision.

About Sizes: Bracelets are made to fit your wrist. To measure your wrist, wrap a one inch wide band of paper around your wrist and record the size. A small wrist may be less then 6," or a large wrist may be over 7." We will make the bracelet the correct length for the type bracelet you order. If you like a particularly loose fit, please tell us.